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  canine anal glands can become infected with bacteria, leading to irritation, redness, swelling and odor in the anus area. Bacterial infections can develop into abscesses or can even cause the rupture of the glands themselves. Anal glands, or anal sacs, are found on both sides of a dogs anus, just underneath his tail. This pair of small glands is filled with oily fluid that has a similar smell as the odor a skunk. Anal glands are blind-ended sacs that exist inside the rectal opening at the approximate 4 and 8 oclock positions. They create a smelly secretion that often has a fish-like odor. When a dog defecates, the glands should contract and this smelly liquid should be expressed and mixed in with the fecal matter. Natural dog odor can be unpleasant to dog owners especially when dogs are kept inside the home, as some people are not used to being exposed to the natural odor of a non-human species living in proximity to them. Dogs may also develop unnatural odors as a result of skin disease or other disorders or may become contaminated with odors from other. A dog has two two glands or sacs located on both sides of the anus. When feces are expelled, it can exert pressure on these glands. Sometimes, however, the anal glands can become infected, which may explain why a dog starts bleeding from the rectum. In these cases, the dog will feel pain and a yellow or bloody discharge will be released. Dog odor that persists may be an indication that your dog has a health problem or is not getting enough nutrients from his food. Read this page to find out more about the possible causes of dog odor, and how to use home remedies to make your dog not smell.   dr jones shows you home remedies to remove the anal gland odor, along with what you need to do to express anal glands at home and keep the smell away. Common anal sac problems include anal sac impaction, anal sac infection, and anal sac abscesses. This page looks at the likely causes and treatment options of anal sac problems, and how to express the canine anal sacs. E animal odor eliminator remover spray- cleaner & deodorizing pet anal gland and urine odor spray for use directly on dogs & cats. Pet organics (nala) naturvet dnb04016 no-go housebreaking aid dog spray, 16-ounce.

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