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Rectal polyps definition rectal polyps are tissue growths that arise from the wall of the rectum and protrude into it. Description the rectum is the last segment of the large intestine, ending in the anus, the opening to the exterior of the body.   an anal polyp, also known as a rectal polyp, is an abnormal, mushroom-like growth sticking out from the mucous membrane that lines the anus or colon. It typically starts as a microscopic and benign growth, but over time it can become malignant. Polyps need to be identified and removed as quickly as possible. Why dont you go see your doctor, instead of asking around on quora? The anal polyps we see are not cancerous, called fibro-epithelial polyps anal skin tags in the anus there also are hypertrophied anal papillae rectal prolapse from the. Polypoid anal lesions, that is, lesions that can present as a polyp or polyp-like mass in some patients but can also present as non-discrete mass lesions. Table 1 represents a comprehensive list of entities that can theoretically present as an anal polyp, only the more relevant of these will be discussed. In some cases, however, rectal bleeding, bloody stools, anemia and abdominal pain can occur. In rare cases, a routine physical exam may unmask the presence of a rectal polyp, but a colonoscopy usually is required to locate the polyp and determine the type. Anal polyps require removal and, if they are confirmed to be adenomatous (tubular, tubular-villous or villous), colonoscopy is required to rule out the existence of proximal. Polyp above anus, protrusion into anus, intestinal polyp, hemorrhoids md male 53, 5 10 195 lbs. Hello, this morning i was taking a shower and discovered a pea sized polyp right above my anus.   source(s) treatment external anal polyp skin tag httpstinyurl. If you have a partner, have them tightly tie a piece if thread around the base of the tag. The anal canal has two ring-shaped muscles (called sphincter muscles) that keep the anus closed and prevent stool from leaking out. The anal canal is about 1-12 to 2 inches (about 3 to 5 cm) long and goes from the rectum to the anal verge. The anal verge is where the canal connects to the outside skin at the anus.

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