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In fact, researchers used to think that 3 to 15 seconds was about the duration of a female orgasm. Then they found evidence that a climax could go on for 20 seconds to 2 minutes. While anal sex isnt really taboo anymore, like any other sex act, there are still lots of misconceptions out there about it. Mens orgasms stimulate the same area of the brain as does heroin in an addicts brain, strongly suggesting that sex can be addictive. 2 multiple orgasms are orgasms that occur in close succession, from a few seconds to a few minutes apart. Multiple orgasms are more frequently associated with women however, men can experience them as well. To help out with this confusion, here are eight facts about the female orgasm 1. Ten percent of women report achieving orgasm through exercise. Anal sex doesnt have to be some gift you give your partner so he can check it off his own bucket list. The g-spot tissue explains why some women like anal sex, van kirk says. A penis might hit your g-spot from an entirely new angle, providing an entirely new orgasm. (who provided our beginners guide to anal sex!) to gab all about whats happening to a dude when hes making his o face. Women generally need longer to have an orgasm than men, who take about 7 to 14 minutes. You may be faster or slower, and it can be different from one time to.   the average male orgasm lasts six seconds while the average female orgasm lasts 20 seconds, according to scary (and super interesting) fact book scared shtless 1,003 facts that will. Sex and relationships educator and author tracey cox offers her expert climax tips, plus a few interesting facts about the art of the orgasm this content is imported from embed-name. In fact, in one study published in the journal of sexual medicine, 94 percent of women who received anal during their last sexual encounter said they had an orgasm.

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