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Your vet can usually squeeze out your cats impacted anal sacs by hand. If the contents are hard or dry, he may try to soften them up. He may also give your cat extra fiber, which bulks up his poop, making it easier to pass. The condition affecting the felines anal glands can soon worsen and result in an anal sac abscess or rupture, which requires prompt veterinary attention. If the anal glands are inflamed or infected, they become swollen and tender. Your cat may try to relieve the irritation by scooting his rear on the ground or frequently biting or licking at it. Your veterinarian can express, or empty, the contents of the anal glands and treat for infection, if needed. The anal sacs are two small pouches located on either side of the anus at approximately the four oclock and eight oclock positions. The walls of the sac produce a foul smelling fluid which is released whenever the cat passes a bowel movement. The anal sacs or their ducts can become inflamed or infected due to a variety of causes. Cats have anal glands which produce fluid into sacs that are located on either side of the anus. This fluid is assumed to be a scent marker that is useful in delineating territory. Anal sac disorders involve impaction of anal sac fluid, inflammation of the sac(s), and abscess of the sac(s), which can lead to anal gland rupture. Impaction is the most commonly occurring type of anal gland disorder. Anal sac neoplasms are usually nonpainful and are associated with perineal edema, erythema, induration, or fistula formation. Apocrine gland adenocarcinomas of the anal sac are typically seen in older female dogs. These dogs may be presented for signs secondary to hypercalcemia,. The anal glands are located on either side of the rectal opening. Thinking of the area like a clock face, the anal glands are at the 400 and 800 positions. Although cats are far less likely than dogs to have problems with their anal glands, it can happen. We look for problems that cause irritation in the anal area and try to resolve any that we can find. Tapeworm infestation,other intestinal parasites, anal sac irritation, allergies, fleas, an inability to groom in obese cats, hair entrapment in long haired cats and persistent diarrhea or straining for any reason can lead to anal prolapse. In cats, the most common form of anal sac disease is impaction. Signs are related to pain and discomfort associated with sitting. The cat may scoot its buttocks on the ground, lick or bite at the anal area, and have painful defecation with straining.

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