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  if you havent tried anal sex, you might be curious what it feels like. Here, 12 men whove tried it explain the sensation of anal sexand why it feels so good.   i often feel guilty after i have an orgasm that i dont want to be close anymore. My girlfriend takes it personal even though i tell her it has nothing to do with her and i love her very much. Wed recommend blending anal and external clitoral stimulation for a mind-blowing blended orgasm experience.   it happens after you orgasm and makes people feel hollow, or experience a homesick feeling. ) doesnt mean youre broken or that you didnt just love every minute of the actual sex or have a mind-blowing orgasm or are in any way fucked up as a.   many people report that, while the orgasms are less intense on ssris, the post-orgasm crash disappears. Another physiological explanation for your feelings could be related to prolactin levels in the blood stream. Prolactin, a hormone related to fertility, can spike just after orgasm and this can cause a depressed mood, as well. Heres how to have an anal orgasm whether youre with a partner or solo, and tips from sex and anal experts on how to enjoy it along the way.   an anal orgasm can happen after sexual stimulation of the nerves in or around the anus. Find out what an anal orgasm feels like and how to have one, according to sex experts. An anal orgasm is exactly what it sounds like orgasm thats achieved through anal stimulation. Were talking touching, licking, fingering, penetration, and more. 10 things guys dont understand about the female orgasm you have been blessed with the unfathomable, bordering-on-magic ability of back-to-back (to back) orgasms.

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