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Lick it slowly and tickle it lightly with your tongue, then insert the tip and leave it there for a few seconds. Do this a couple of times and soon the outer sphincter muscles will start to loosen up.   foreplay is the best way to relax and loosen up before anal sex. Dont assume your anus cant get herpes, or that stis cant be transmitted during anal sex. Being able to open up to receive a toy or penis is a skill that has nothing to do with increased distensibility or how most describe as having a loose anus and instead, has everything to do with mind over matter and anal sphincter control. There are a lot of fantastic anal sex toys out there just waiting to take a trip up your butt. Heres everything you need to know about putting a foreign object in your anus. Itll give you a lower-pressure idea of what the sensations of anal stimulation feel like and is a way of working up to the big show. Lift your shoulders up towards your ears and roll them back and around. Stretch your neck by leaning your head to each shoulder for 15 seconds. If you are concerned about how to loosen tight muscles after a busy day, you can try meditation during the evening hours.

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