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Although the capacitance (c-m) of the di water decreased as the interelectrode distance increased, that of the te buffer was similar up to a frequency of 100 hz, after which it was spilt in the.   elsevier sensors and actuators b 30 t 1996) 159-164 b analysis of dielectric sensors for the cure monitoring of resin matrix composite materials jin soo kim, dai gil lee department of mechanical engineering, korea advanced institute of science and technology, kusung-dong, yusung-ku, taejon-shi, south korea 305-701 received 1 september 1994 in revised form .   this research was supported by bionano health-guard research center, funded by the ministry of science, ict & future planning (msip) of korea as global frontier project (h-guard2015m3a6b2063548) and by nano material technology development program through the national research foundation of korea (nrf), funded by the korea government (msip) (nrf.). The te control buffer (sample s1) showed the lowest capacitance value, which increased to the maximum in the presence of the four nucleotides (sample s16) (fig. When the te buffer was supplemented with each single nucleotide individually, subtle difference between the capacitance versus voltage profiles of individual nucleotides could be observed (samples s2, s3, s5 and s9) ( fig.).   this work was supported by the bionano health-guard research center funded by the ministry of science and ict (msit) of korea as a global frontier project (h-guard2013m3a6b2078943), the nano material technology development program through the national research foundation of korea (nrf) funded by the msit of korea (2015m3a7b4050454),. When the sensor is exposed to the buffer, the sensing environment is switched to an aqueous environment with a dielectric constant (80) much larger than that of air (1). This influences the gate capacitance of the sensor under testing and might be the reason for the increased capacitance.   the dielectric relaxation of nucleic acid solutions is typically divided into three different frequency regions (near dc to a few khz frequency range), (1 mhz to 1 ghz), and (1 ghz). Among these the relaxation reflects the migration of counterions over the charged oligonucleotide sequences and hence is closely related to the electrochemical double layer at the vicinity of the. For the solid pdms, the capacitance was less than the porous-pdms sensor, even at high applied pressures as shown in fig. Download download high-res image (233kb) download download full-size image fig. Mitochondrial dynamics play an important role within several pathological conditions, including cancer and neurological diseases. For the purpose of identifying therapies that target aberrant regulation of the mitochondrial dynamics machinery and characterizing the regulating signaling pathways, there is a need for label-free means to detect the dynamic alterations in mitochondrial morphology.

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