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If youre into anal action, what youre about to read is proof that you wont have to look too far to find a guy whos on the same page as you. When alcohol is involved, sometimes you want to do anything and everything all at once. Anal sex tops the must try list for many guysbut its not exactly up there for most women. We asked a few seasoned sex experts why men are so fascinated by the idea of getting into our back. Some people perceive a man having anal sex with a woman as a form of. Wonder what anal sex is like? You can either try it or learn from these 12 women, who spilled the dirty details about having butt sex for the very first time. Why are straight men so fixated on anal sex! I wouldnt have any nickels. Primarily because people dont ever recognize me on the street, and also because thats a strange question to lead with. This seems to be the top reason as to why women say no to anal sex. Anal sex is normal for some couples straight or gay and not for others. Whether you have anal sex depends on what makes you and your partner comfortable. Most people mean anal intercourse when they think of anal sex. It happens when a man puts his penis into another persons anus. Last week, i tried to figure out why more women are having anal sex and why it correlates so highly with orgasms. Since 1992, the percentage of women aged 20-24 who say theyve tried anal sex has. Many guys like anal play and not all of them are gay or bi.

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